Thursday, September 25, 2008

Andrew Christian - The Interview

Well we couldn't be more excited right now - our interview with designer Andrew Christian is here and we are buzzing with excitement - ladies and gentleman - introducing mr ANDREW CHRISTIAN!

Hi Andrew and thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at Sequin & Sparkle.
A lot of our readers are familiar with your products but possibly not with you - why dont you start by telling our readers a little about yourself….

I am just a simple small town boy from Fresno, California, who moved to the big city (Los Angeles) to pursue a dream of being a fashion designer. I am really happy my line has taken off and been so well received, I love everything about my life. Trust me though, it was not an overnight success, it took years of struggling and hard work to make my dream come true.

What brings you to Oklahoma City?

I am in Oklahoma City to do a fashion show at Angles. I am really excited because it’s my first time in OKC. I can’t wait to put on a killer show for everyone.

Well we couldn't wait to talk to you - usually our blog is about drag queens and female impersonation - but Brief Invasion has a connection to the drag world, do you enjoy drag shows? we have 3 oklahoma girls going to miss gay america, and 2 former miss gay americas here in Oklahoma - will you be catching any of their shows while you are in town?

I would actually love to catch a drag show while in town. I find drag refreshingly entertaining.

So what made you decide to become a designer and how did underwear become your forte?

I have always been drawn to fashion since I was a teenager, that is actually when I started designing and making clothes for myself and some close friends. I didn’t set out to become an underwear designer to begin with, but it was a natural progression. I started with my sportswear line, then added swimwear, and finally underwear fell into place.

Who influenced you as you were starting out?

I was influenced by visionaries who carved out their own path, such as Madonna, Andy Warhol, James Dean. I think there is a bit of a rebel inside of me.


What do you think of reality shows such as Project Runway? Is a reality show something you would have considered doing when you were starting out?

I think reality shows like Project Runway are great. They give young designers an audience and chance to be noticed from the start. Unfortunately, when I started my line there was not a lot of reality shows dealing with fashion like there are now.

What can you tell us about your flashback brief - one of my personal favorites!

I was inspired to create the Flashback underwear because I noticed how hard people worked out in the gym on their rear ends. Lunges, squats, got me thinking “wouldn’t it be great if you could just put a pair of underwear on that automatically gave you that perfect butt.” The Flashback boxer just takes what you have and makes it a little bit better.

How do you describe you own sense of style? Do you design with yourself or anyone in particular in mind when creating something new? Where do your ideas come from - what are your influences?

Classic with a twist. I like basic themes, but I like to have something a bit unexpected. I design with both my own needs in mind and also what I think my core customer would like. It is important that my customers feel comfortable in the clothes and can relate to them. I am influenced by form and function. Form being a particular cut that accentuates a body part, and function like the Flashback boxer, Bamboo Fiber, and soon to come Organic Cotton.


What do u think got men away from the good old "tighty whighty" and made them fashionable with their underwear?

I think American men were ready for it. They now take care of their bodies and go the gym regularly, they want to look good and feel sexy.

How do you compete with the ever growing market in male underwear - Calvin Klein, Ginch Gonch, 2xist the list goes on and on - what make you and your product different?

My product is different because it has more of an edge than the other brands. I design underwear like it is prĂȘt-a-porter. I am giving it the detail, fabrications, and graphics usually only associated with sportswear. I am elevating underwear to outerwear.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else now? What was your first job? What would you do if you were not an underwear god!!!??

I am truly doing what I love and could not imagine doing anything else. I am most comfortable designing. My first job was at the local mall in my hometown. I worked there through high school for extra money. It taught me a lot as far as customer service goes which helped my vastly in becoming a successful designer.


Now sequin and sparkle love a good bitch - how was it working hand in hand with the uber fabulous Janice Dickenson - is she as wild as she seems on her show?

She was very wild, but amazingly gracious. I have nothing bad to say about the fabulous Janice Dickenson. I have nothing but admiration for her. We hit it off the first time we met on set. I actually just got done shooting with her for Season 4, so you will have to tune in to Oxygen Network October 8th to see my new episode on the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.

Tivo is set!! Whats has been the most surreal experience you have had since becoming so globally well known? Do people come up and flash their undies at you? And if you were to flash them back would we see Andrew Christian in Andrew Christian??!!

I actually get flashed undies all the time, it actually makes me happy that I can bring this kind of joy to people. Of course you would see AC in AC.

So what are some of the fabulous and exciting things we can expect from you over the next few months?

I am releasing a completely new underwear line in November. I can’t wait for it to come out. We have new elastics that are so hot and sexy!

What is one thing that people may find suprising about you?

I guess the most surprising thing people find in me is that I am Latino. Most people guess I am Italian.


And now for our quick fire round!!

Smart or Casual? - Smart

Morning or Night person? - Both

Chaotic or Organized? - Organized

Madonna or Britney? - Kylie Minogue.

Tidy or Messy? - Tidy

Mac or PC? - PC, but I want to switch to MAC

Coffee or Tea? - Coffee

Sweet or Savory? - Sweet

NY times or National Enquirer? - National Enquirer

And I'm afraid sparkle cant resist

Boxers or Briefs?! - Both

Single or Taken? - Single for now…….

I think we just saw Sparkle race out of the door shouting something about Andrew and destiny!!

Thank you so much to the fabulous - and very sexy! - Andrew Christian for taking the time to talk to us! Make sure you check out Brief Invasion on Friday 26th between 6pm & 8pm and the fashion show at Angles - it is sure to be one hot night!

Love and Sparkles


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Wait, was it last night or is it tonight? Getting mixed messages.


Sequin said...

The meet and greet with Andrew was on Friday as was the fashion show - thats what we were told. hope you didn't miss it