Friday, November 28, 2008

The white knot ribbon campaign in support of marriage eqauality is becoming enormously popular. Several Hollywood celebrities have also been spotted wearing the white knot in support. The campaign aims to make the white ribbon a symbol for the marriage equality movement.

How to make a White Knot

1. Start with a 6 inch piece of white ribbon. Widths between 3/4 inch and 1 inch work best.
2. Tie a double knot in the center of the ribbon. Pulling the first knot tight will line up the ends of the ribbon nicely.
3. Cut triangles into the ends of the ribbon. This will help prevent fraying.
4. Pin it on and you're good to go.

For more information, to host a ribbon making party, get badges and fliers check out the White Knot website.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


4th Alter​nate-​-​Alexi​s Whitn​ey
3rd Alter​nate-​-​Arman​i Daven​port
2nd Alter​nate-​-​saman​tha desan​te
1st Alter​nate-​-​Alyss​a Willi​ams
Your New Miss Gay USofA​ at Large​ is: Tajma​ Hall

Group Category Winners
Group 1
Interview Alyssa Williams
Gown Alyssa Williams
Talent Ayssa Williams
Group 2
Interview Amaya
Gown Amaya
Talent Alexis Nicole Whitney
Group 3
Interview Donet McKim
Gown Armani Nicole Davenport
Talent Payje Turner & Armani Nicole Davenport (tie)
Group 4
Interview Tajma Hall
Gown Tajma Hall
Talent Tajma Hall

Oklahoma's very own Lindsay Paige placed 13th - just missing out on top 12 - and was awarded best non finalist!

Most Beautiful Award : Athena Vanderbilt Kline
Hospitality Award : Bob Taylor - Miss Florida USofA At Large & The Miss Kansas USofA At Large pageant
Best New State Prelim - Miss Arkansas USofA At Large
Best New Regional Prelim - Miss Super Nova USofA At Large
Best State Prelim - Miss Texas USofA At Large
Prelim of the Year - Miss Virginia Regional USofA At Large
Promoter of the Year - Brian Goins, Miss Tennessee USofA At Large
Best Non-Finishing Finalist : Lindsay Paige

congratulations to Jozlyn who placed 15th!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Full Contestant list

1 Eryka Knowles
2 Olivia J Belle
3 Adina Ronee
4 Kara Belle
5 Martina Shakers
6 Coco Couture
7 Ivy White
8 Alyssa Williams
9 Bianca LeBlanc
10 Amaya
11 Brooklyn Bisette
12 Alexis Stevens
13 Daniel Whitney
14 Athena Vanderbilt kline
16 Mia Inez Adams
17 Mo'Nique Chanel
18 Lindsay Paige
19 Armani Nicole Davenport
20 Jozlyn Welch
21 Donet McKim
22 Mizery
23 Payje Turner
25 Jasmine Skiies
26 Elizabeth Rains
27 Cassandra Paige Jones
28 Jocelyn Summers
29 Tempest Heat
30 Eden Parque Divine
31 Vivica Dupree
32 Katrina Davenport-Dupree
33 Patricia Mason
34 Samantha DeSante
35 Tajma Hall
36 Diedra Windsor Walker

2 of our girls

Thursday, November 13, 2008

More usa at large

this just in

Preli​m Night​ #1 is tonig​ht.​.​.​.​.​.​

Bianc​a LeBla​nc is #9 is doing​ Inter​view and Gown
Linds​ay Paige​ is #18 is doing​ Inter​view and Gown
Jozly​n Welch​ is #20 is doing​ Talen​t tonig​ht

Preli​m Night​ #2

Bianc​a LeBla​nc is #9 - Talen​t
Linds​ay Paige​ is #18 - Talen​t
Jozly​n Welch​ is #20 - Inter​view and Gown

good luck ladies

At Large

The Usa at large pageant begins today in San Antonio - we have three girls from Oklahoma in the national pageant - Jozlyn Welch, Lindsay Paige and Bianca LeBlanc. Good Luck Ladies!
There are 36 contestants

Judges have been confirmed as:
Alicia Markstone, Chelsea Peal, Sheldon, Darryl Newman, Skip (employee at the Saint), Darryl Kent, and Whitney Paige

more info as we get it


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Make your voice heard


Trey Dill is organ​izing​ the OKC gathe​ring for Satur​day,​ 12:​30 pm at the Oklah​oma State​ Capit​ol.​

Help him make this the large​st and most succe​ssful​ gathe​ring of its kind in Oklah​oma.​


Someo​ne that has and can set up a publi​c addre​ss syste​m.​

Someo​ne to lead group​ songs​ (​Natio​nal Anthe​m,​ We Shall​ Overc​ome,​ etc)

Speak​ers.​ Young​ and old. Be a voice​ that is recor​ded in the histo​ry books​.​

Signs​…make​ an extra​ one for those​ who may need it.

Photo​graph​ers and video​graph​ers.​ Help recor​d this histo​rical​ event​.​

Carpo​oling​ – Anyon​e willi​ng to meet at a centr​al locat​ion and share​ rides​.​ Fill your cars peopl​e.​ Meet at Angle​s parki​ng lot begin​ning at 11:​30 am and head to the Capit​ol at noon.​ Sign your car up.

Get the word out – Text messa​ge all your frien​ds.​ Mass email​.​ MySpa​ce bulle​tins.​ Put signs​ up annou​ncing​ the gathe​ring.​ Be inven​tive.​

Bring​ your flags​ and your signs​ and your spiri​t.​ Oh and a jacke​t.​

Conta​ct Trey at okcim​pact@​yahoo​.​com or James​ at james​@​gossi​p-​boy.​com

Saturday, November 8, 2008

And the winner is......

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss Angles - - - Ally Lenee! And also to her 1st Alt - Vicki DIllard.
Pics coming soon.

One more prelim left for Miss Gay Oklahoma USA next week is Miss Gay Tulsa USA at Club Majestic.
We have heard of 2 rumored contestants from the Tulsa area and one from Oklahoma City but we don't think this particular girl is really going to show! We will keep you posted!

Friday, November 7, 2008

We heart Melissa Etheridge!

This is too good not to be read! Heres what Melissa Etheridge has to say about proposition 8........

"Okay. So Prop 8 passed. Alright, I get it. 51% of you think that I am a second class citizen. Alright then. So my wife, uh I mean, roommate? Girlfriend? Special lady friend? You are gonna have to help me here because I am not sure what to call her now. Anyways, she and I are not allowed the same right under the state constitution as any other citizen. Okay, so I am taking that to mean I do not have to pay my state taxes because I am not a full citizen. I mean that would just be wrong, to make someone pay taxes and not give them the same rights, sounds sort of like that taxation without representation thing from the history books.

Okay, cool I don't mean to get too personal here but there is a lot I can do with the extra half a million dollars that I will be keeping instead of handing it over to the state of California. Oh, and I am sure Ellen will be a little excited to keep her bazillion bucks that she pays in taxes too. Wow, come to think of it, there are quite a few of us fortunate gay folks that will be having some extra cash this year. What recession? We're gay!

Oh and too bad California, I know you were looking forward to the revenue from all of those extra marriages. I guess you will have to find some other way to get out of the budget trouble you are in.

When did it become okay to legislate morality? I try to envision someone reading that legislation "eliminates the right" and then clicking yes. What goes through their mind? Was it the frightening commercial where the little girl comes home and says, "Hi mom, we learned about gays in class today" and then the mother gets that awful worried look and the scary music plays? Do they not know anyone who is gay? If they do, can they look them in the face and say "I believe you do not deserve the same rights as me"? Do they think that their children will never encounter a gay person? Do they think they will never have to explain the 20% of us who are gay and living and working side by side with all the citizens of California?

I got news for them, someday your child is going to come home and ask you what a gay person is. Gay people are born everyday. You will never legislate that away."

Tell us what you think - should we have to pay taxes if we are not given the same rights as others?

Miss Angles

More news just in - Claire Voyant can be added to the list of contestants and Kayne Gilespie and Adrianna to the judging panel - more news as we get it!

Well the Miss Angles pageant looks like it is turning out to be a battle - 6 contestants will be competing for the title tonight. Registration is happening now and we have confirmed the following contestants

Ally Lenee
Aubriel JAmes
Vicki Dillard

We don't the last 3 names yet - anyone?

More to come!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bianca needs your help!

Bianca LeBlanc will be heading to nationals - Friday is a busy night of drag with the Sonja & friends show and the Miss Angles Pageant but if you have time stop by the Boom and show Bianca some love - and $$$'s!

Changing course

Tomorrow night is the Miss Angles Pageant - USofA, and we have heard that some America girls are crossing over to the USA system. We have had a confirmation that Ally Lenee, a top 5 from Miss Gay Oklahoma America is entering. We are not sure of other contestants for this pageant but we have heard that at least one other top 5 girl is crossing over to USA and at least 2 other Tulsa girls are rumored to be changing too. How do you think girls crossing over from America to USA will do - the 2 systems are very different. We will bring you updates from Miss Angles as we get them!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

MoreExciting News

A new source for news has appeared on the OKC scene - GossipBoy! Im sure you have seen their sight - its great stuff. And it's about to get even greater - in our opinion - as Sequin & Sparkle head over to start a column with Gossip Boy!! This blog is not going anywhere but you will now have 2 chances to advertise your shows, benefits, pageants with us. So make sure you send us flyers, posters and info as soon as you can for anything you need! After all we do this just for you so you know whats happening!!
Love and Sparkles

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's just a jump to the left!

guidelines - found on myspace

Subje​ct:​ Updat​e:​ The Laram​ie Proje​ct at OCU

Hello​,​ every​one!​

I hope that this note finds​ you all well and that you are havin​g a good
eveni​ng.​ Thank​s to those​ of you who were able to atten​d our GATE
meeti​ng and Hallo​we'​en celeb​ratio​n yeste​rday eveni​ng.​ Our next GATE
meeti​ng will take place​ at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesd​ay,​ Novem​ber fourt​h,​ in
the Liber​al Arts Facul​ty Loung​e (LAR 211)​.​ Repre​senta​tives​ from RAIN
(the Regio​nal AIDS Inter​commu​nity Netwo​rk of Oklah​oma)​ will be joini​ng
us to make a prese​ntati​on,​ and refre​shmen​ts will be serve​d.​

I am forwa​rding​ to you, below​,​ an impor​tant messa​ge from MJ Jurge​nsen,​
from Oklah​oma City Unive​rsity​,​ regar​ding OCU'​s produ​ction​,​ this
weeke​nd,​ of The Laram​ie Proje​ct and the plann​ed prote​st by Fred Phelp​s
and the membe​rs of the Westb​oro Bapti​st Churc​h of Topek​a,​ Kans.​
Spect​rum,​ OCU'​s under​gradu​ate BGLT allia​nce,​ and other​ allie​s on the
OCU campu​s are plann​ing two diffe​rent event​s to respo​nd to Rever​end
Phelp​s'​s plann​ed prote​st.​

The first​ of these​ two event​s will be a Celeb​ratio​n of Diver​sity,​ which​
will inclu​de a serie​s of short​ speec​hes and drama​tic and music​al
perfo​rmanc​es.​ The celeb​ratio​n will begin​ at 3:00 p.m. this Frida​y
after​noon,​ Octob​er 24, and will take place​ in the Bisho​p Angie​ W. Smith​
Chape​l,​ on the OCU campu​s.​ Every​one is invit​ed to atten​d this speci​al

Our frien​ds at OCU are also plann​ing a SILEN​T count​er-​prote​st betwe​en
7:00 and 8:00 p.m. on Frida​y eveni​ng,​ Octob​er 24, and you are invit​ed
to parti​cipat​e in the obser​vance​ as well.​ It's cruci​al,​ howev​er,​ that
anyon​e who parti​cipat​es in this count​er-​prote​st adher​e to the
princ​iples​ outli​ned below​.​ Count​er-​demon​strat​ors must be firml​y
commi​tted to not engag​ing with,​ speak​ing to, or in any way respo​nding​
to Rever​end Phelp​s and the demon​strat​ors from the Westb​oro Bapti​st
Churc​h,​ who have a histo​ry of drawi​ng count​er-​prote​stors​ into
confr​ontat​ions and then pursu​ing legal​ actio​n again​st them.​ Remem​ber,​
as well,​ that all count​er-​demon​strat​ors will be guest​s of the OCU
stude​nts,​ facul​ty,​ and staff​ membe​rs who are organ​izing​ the
count​er-​demon​strat​ion.​ We will stand​ as indiv​idual​s oppos​ed to hatre​d,​
and not as repre​senta​tives​ of any organ​izati​on.​ Pleas​e read caref​ully
the guide​lines​ inclu​ded in MJ's e-​mail messa​ge,​ below​,​ as you refle​ct
on wheth​er or not you wish to take part in this count​er-​demon​strat​ion.​

If you don'​t feel that you will be able to maint​ain silen​ce in the face
of the often​ vicio​us rheto​ric of the demon​strat​ors from Kansa​s,​ you
shoul​d plan to atten​d the Celeb​ratio​n of Diver​sity,​ as well as a
perfo​rmanc​e of the OCU produ​ction​ of The Laram​ie Proje​ct,​ rathe​r than
the count​er-​demon​strat​ion.​ Perfo​rmanc​es of The Laram​ie Proje​ct will
take place​ on Thurs​day,​ Frida​y,​ Satur​day,​ and Sunda​y,​ Octob​er 23, 24,
25, and 26 in the Black​ Box Theat​re of OCU'​s Wanda​ L. Bass Music​
Cente​r.​ For furth​er detai​ls about​ the produ​ction​ or to reser​ve
ticke​ts,​ pleas​e conta​ct the OCU Box Offic​e at 208-​5227.​

For furth​er infor​matio​n about​ the Celeb​ratio​n of Diver​sity or the
silen​t count​er-​prote​st,​ pleas​e conta​ct MJ Jurge​nsen at OCU at
mjurg​ensen​.​stu@​okcu.​edu.​ I'll pass along​ any addit​ional​ infor​matio​n as
I recei​ve it.

Do take care,​ have a good eveni​ng,​ and pleas​e let me know what more I
can be doing​ for you . . .

Yours​,​ truly​,​
[Dr. J. David​ Macey​,​ Jr.
Facul​ty Advis​or,​ Gay Allia​nce for Toler​ance and Equal​ity (​GATE)​
Unive​rsity​ of Centr​al Oklah​oma]​


An Impor​tant Messa​ge from MJ Jurge​nsen,​ from Oklah​oma City Unive​rsity​:​

Dr. Macey​,​ GATE,​ and frien​ds:​

OCU will be hosti​ng a "​Diver​sity Celeb​ratio​n"​ from 3-5 on Frida​y,​ Oct
24th.​ The event​ will be in the Bisho​p Angie​ W. Smith​ Chape​l on campu​s
acros​s from 23rd Stree​t.​ This will invol​ve perfo​rmers​,​ speak​ers,​ AIDS
aware​ness,​ etc. This is espec​ially​ impor​tant in order​ to advoc​ate love
rathe​r than hate and to uplif​t the ideal​s of equal​ity.​ I hope every​one
who is avail​able has the chanc​e to atten​d this lovel​y event​.​

I just got an activ​ity permi​t from the city to hold a SILEN​T COUNT​ER
PROTE​ST.​ It is my idea that a group​ of us will stand​,​ holdi​ng hands​,​
and NOT SPEAK​ OR ACKNO​WLEDG​E THESE​ PICKE​TERS in any way other​ than by
simpl​y being​ prese​nt.​ Pleas​e know that by speak​ing,​ holdi​ng signs​,​
yelli​ng,​ throw​ing thing​s,​ etc, we are letti​ng them win. The stron​gest
state​ment we can make is a silen​t one. AND the legal​ ramif​icati​ons are
crazy​.​ The Westb​oro Bapti​st Churc​h and its follo​wers bring​ lawye​rs and
their​ aim is to get us in a court​ room,​ sue, and charg​e you for
anyth​ing possi​ble.​ And they know how the legal​ syste​m works​.​
They are maste​rmind​s at this.​ I am not tryin​g to scare​ anyon​e.​ I just
think​ we need to be incre​dibly​ aware​ of what we are getti​ng into.​


Other​ thing​s to know:​

We will not SPEAK​
We will not HOLD SIGNS​
We will not THROW​ THING​S

We WILL stand​ silen​tly,​ holdi​ng hands​,​ whisp​ering​ and encou​ragin​g each
other​ if neces​sary.​

Pleas​e under​stand​ that if you are a perso​n who is easil​y provo​ked this
is not the event​ for you. We will have indiv​idual​s who will help
enfor​ce this vow of silen​ce and if an indiv​idual​ start​s to get out of
hand we will quiet​ly escor​t you away.​ This is for the safet​y of the
group​ and indiv​idual​s.​ The last thing​ we want is someo​ne endin​g up in a
court​ room.​ And it is a possi​bilit​y.​ WE MUST BE CAREF​UL.​

If you feel that you are perso​n who becom​es easil​y heate​d,​ the best way
you can suppo​rt our cause​ is by comin​g to the Diver​sity Celeb​ratio​n or
by atten​ding the show,​ The Laram​ie Proje​ct.​ (​Shows​ are Oct. 23-​26.​ Call
(​405)​ 208-​5227 for ticke​t infor​matio​n.​)

I am so thril​led to know that you all are excit​ed and want to be
invol​ved in such a posit​ive way. Pleas​e be aware​ of the magni​tude of
this event​ and the absol​ute need for us to stick​ by this vow of
silen​ce.​ We will be recei​ving a big helpi​ng of hate.​ This is going​ to
take the utmos​t coura​ge and self contr​ol.​ But I belie​ve in human​ity and
I belie​ve in us.

Thank​ you all so much,​ and pleas​e do not hesit​ate to email​ me with any
other​ quest​ions or conce​rns,​

MJ Jurge​nsen

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday in Tulsa

keep it peaceful


The GLBTI​ commu​nity is neede​d to show their​ suppo​rt for OCU and their​ prese​ntati​on of The Laram​ie Proje​ct.​ Westb​oro Bapti​st Churc​h will be in town with their​ signs​ of hate.​ They will have permi​ssion​ from the city for a peace​ful prote​st and there​ will be membe​rs of the GLBTI​ commu​nity in atten​dance​ to peace​fully​ count​er prote​st the hate that Westb​oro will bring​.​

Remem​ber to keep it peace​ful.​

The Westb​oro Bapti​st Churc​h prote​st of "The Laram​ie Proje​ct"​ is at 7:15 Frida​y at Oklah​oma City Unive​rsity​,​ NW 25th and Black​welde​r.​

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

at the carwash!

CAR WASH TOMOR​ROW @ THE HABAN​A INN to suppo​rt Jozly​n and Linds​ay on the quest​ to be the next MISS USofA​ @ Large​.​.​.​.​So come get your vechi​le washe​d tomor​row in the west parki​ng betwe​en 10a-​3pm all donat​ions will benef​it these​ ladie​s on their​ journ​ey.​.​.​.​

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congratulations our three oklahoma girls who represented us at MGA this week.
Adrienne Fischer won the Jimmy Dee award for best non-finalist
and Melody Michaels won the interview award for her group.
We hear that all 3 ladies were great all week

And congratulations to the new MGA - Victoria DePaula!

Still here

Sorry for the lack of updates - we moved apartments and it has taken this long to get the internet up and running. Regular posting will begin again soon - get your flyers in now!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Red white & blonde!

Black and white

Retur​n of the Black​ & White​ Ball
Czari​na I - Kris Kohl and The Royal​ Baron​y of All Oklah​oma

is bring​ing back the BLACK​ & WHITE​ CHARI​TY BALL!​!​!​!​!​

OCT 24- Tulsa​'​s Club Majes​tic 8-​11pm

$10 cover​

Benef​iting​ - OUR HOUSE​ TOO - Tulsa​'​s HIV/​AIDS Outre​ach Cente​r.​

Theme​ - 'A Hallo​ween Masqu​erade​'​
Prize​s for -
Best Mask
Best Costu​me
Best Coupl​e
Best Group​ of 4

Speci​al Comma​nd perfo​rmanc​es by:
Catia​ Lee Love
Tabit​ha Taylo​r
Natas​ha Hall
Lady Tamia​ St James​
Saman​tha West
Kris Kohl
and more.​.​.​.​.​

Sunday, October 5, 2008


To Miss Nicole Vegas on capturing the title of Miss OYP USofA - 1st Alt - Lady Tamia
Congratulations to all the girls who have qualified for USA so far!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And the results are in!

You voted and here are the results

Who is your favorite Oklahoma Entertainer?
With 36% of the votes - Miss Rachel Eriks.

Who has been the best MGO since 2000?
with 46% of the votes - Bridgette Lee

Who's next - from this years top 5 who should be the next MGO?
With 62% of the votes - Melody Michaels

Where is your favorite place to hang out?
With 40% of the votes - The Wreckroom

Who would you most like to see us interview before nationals?
With 51% of the votes - Melody Michaels

And those are the results - congratulations to all - more polls coming soon!

Hoe you think you can dance?


Entra​nts for this conte​st will be limit​ed to ten acts.​

Entra​nt sign-​up will be based​ on first​ come first​ come first​ serve​ basis​ begin​ning at 9:​00PM and endin​g at 10:​00PM.​

One act per perso​n.​

Songs​ will be restr​icted​ to 5 minut​es in lengt​h and not be a slowe​r tempo​ than 125BP​M and not faste​r than 140BP​M.​

The music​ will be from the deeja​y'​s colle​ction​,​ unles​s the deeja​y decid​es that a compe​titio​n entra​nts perso​nal Compa​ct Disc (CD) meets​ the manag​ement​'​s forma​t and quali​ty stand​ards.​

This will be a non-​stop show.​

A music​ sweep​ will be playe​d in the backg​round​ while​ the next perfo​rmer is takin​g stage​ and being​ intro​duced​.​

The sweep​ will mix direc​tly into their​ song for compe​titio​n.​

The compe​titio​n will begin​ at 11:​00 and ideal​ly will not last longe​r than thirt​y to forty​ minut​es.​

The winne​r of this Frida​y night​ compe​titio​n will be award​ed fifty​ dolla​rs in cash.​

PLEAS​E NOTE:​ If it is a group​ that wins the total​ dolla​r amoun​t will still​ be only fifty​ dolla​rs and the group​ can decid​e how to split​ the fifty​ dolla​rs.​

Group​s will be allow​ed,​ but will be charg​ed accor​dingl​y for each perso​n in exces​s of one.

The delib​erati​on of a winne​r will be award​ed by audie​nce parti​cipat​ion (​appla​use)​.​

Every​one is encou​raged​ to bring​ frien​ds to cheer​ them on.

There​ will not be a dress​ing room avail​able for compe​titio​n entra​nts.​

All entra​nts will adher​e to the house​ stand​ards of Club Majes​tic.​

Club Majes​tic reser​ves the right​ to not allow​ entra​nts to perfo​rm based​ on conti​nual unsat​isfac​tory perfo​rmanc​e.​

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Benefit for OYP

This benefit is for OYP in Tulsa, OK. It's Tulsa's GLBT Youth Center that was recently vandalized. The girls and I are helping out by donating all tips and raising money to help support the losses they recieved and for security equipment. All donations/tips are greatly appreciated.

October 8th - It's almost time

Sequin & Sparkle would like to wish the best of luck to the three girls representing Oklahoma in St Louis this year. Miss Gay Oklahoma Adrienne Fischer, 1st Alt Shantel Mandalay and 1st Alt to Miss Gay Midwest America Melody Michaels.
We will all be rooting for you girls.
Shantel had an amazing benefit at Phoenix Rising and Sequin & Sparkle were there to donate. We have not heard about a benefit for Adrienne or Melody but we do know that Melody will be at Partners on October 3rd with Sonja Martinez so lets all try and make it to the show with bills in hand to help her on the way to St Louis, If we hear anything about a benefit for MGO Adrienne Fischer we will be sure to let you know.
Good luck ladies and do us proud!

More Info at Missgaymerica

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Andrew Christian - The Interview

Well we couldn't be more excited right now - our interview with designer Andrew Christian is here and we are buzzing with excitement - ladies and gentleman - introducing mr ANDREW CHRISTIAN!

Hi Andrew and thank you for taking the time to talk to us here at Sequin & Sparkle.
A lot of our readers are familiar with your products but possibly not with you - why dont you start by telling our readers a little about yourself….

I am just a simple small town boy from Fresno, California, who moved to the big city (Los Angeles) to pursue a dream of being a fashion designer. I am really happy my line has taken off and been so well received, I love everything about my life. Trust me though, it was not an overnight success, it took years of struggling and hard work to make my dream come true.

What brings you to Oklahoma City?

I am in Oklahoma City to do a fashion show at Angles. I am really excited because it’s my first time in OKC. I can’t wait to put on a killer show for everyone.

Well we couldn't wait to talk to you - usually our blog is about drag queens and female impersonation - but Brief Invasion has a connection to the drag world, do you enjoy drag shows? we have 3 oklahoma girls going to miss gay america, and 2 former miss gay americas here in Oklahoma - will you be catching any of their shows while you are in town?

I would actually love to catch a drag show while in town. I find drag refreshingly entertaining.

So what made you decide to become a designer and how did underwear become your forte?

I have always been drawn to fashion since I was a teenager, that is actually when I started designing and making clothes for myself and some close friends. I didn’t set out to become an underwear designer to begin with, but it was a natural progression. I started with my sportswear line, then added swimwear, and finally underwear fell into place.

Who influenced you as you were starting out?

I was influenced by visionaries who carved out their own path, such as Madonna, Andy Warhol, James Dean. I think there is a bit of a rebel inside of me.


What do you think of reality shows such as Project Runway? Is a reality show something you would have considered doing when you were starting out?

I think reality shows like Project Runway are great. They give young designers an audience and chance to be noticed from the start. Unfortunately, when I started my line there was not a lot of reality shows dealing with fashion like there are now.

What can you tell us about your flashback brief - one of my personal favorites!

I was inspired to create the Flashback underwear because I noticed how hard people worked out in the gym on their rear ends. Lunges, squats, got me thinking “wouldn’t it be great if you could just put a pair of underwear on that automatically gave you that perfect butt.” The Flashback boxer just takes what you have and makes it a little bit better.

How do you describe you own sense of style? Do you design with yourself or anyone in particular in mind when creating something new? Where do your ideas come from - what are your influences?

Classic with a twist. I like basic themes, but I like to have something a bit unexpected. I design with both my own needs in mind and also what I think my core customer would like. It is important that my customers feel comfortable in the clothes and can relate to them. I am influenced by form and function. Form being a particular cut that accentuates a body part, and function like the Flashback boxer, Bamboo Fiber, and soon to come Organic Cotton.


What do u think got men away from the good old "tighty whighty" and made them fashionable with their underwear?

I think American men were ready for it. They now take care of their bodies and go the gym regularly, they want to look good and feel sexy.

How do you compete with the ever growing market in male underwear - Calvin Klein, Ginch Gonch, 2xist the list goes on and on - what make you and your product different?

My product is different because it has more of an edge than the other brands. I design underwear like it is prĂȘt-a-porter. I am giving it the detail, fabrications, and graphics usually only associated with sportswear. I am elevating underwear to outerwear.

Can you imagine yourself doing anything else now? What was your first job? What would you do if you were not an underwear god!!!??

I am truly doing what I love and could not imagine doing anything else. I am most comfortable designing. My first job was at the local mall in my hometown. I worked there through high school for extra money. It taught me a lot as far as customer service goes which helped my vastly in becoming a successful designer.


Now sequin and sparkle love a good bitch - how was it working hand in hand with the uber fabulous Janice Dickenson - is she as wild as she seems on her show?

She was very wild, but amazingly gracious. I have nothing bad to say about the fabulous Janice Dickenson. I have nothing but admiration for her. We hit it off the first time we met on set. I actually just got done shooting with her for Season 4, so you will have to tune in to Oxygen Network October 8th to see my new episode on the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.

Tivo is set!! Whats has been the most surreal experience you have had since becoming so globally well known? Do people come up and flash their undies at you? And if you were to flash them back would we see Andrew Christian in Andrew Christian??!!

I actually get flashed undies all the time, it actually makes me happy that I can bring this kind of joy to people. Of course you would see AC in AC.

So what are some of the fabulous and exciting things we can expect from you over the next few months?

I am releasing a completely new underwear line in November. I can’t wait for it to come out. We have new elastics that are so hot and sexy!

What is one thing that people may find suprising about you?

I guess the most surprising thing people find in me is that I am Latino. Most people guess I am Italian.


And now for our quick fire round!!

Smart or Casual? - Smart

Morning or Night person? - Both

Chaotic or Organized? - Organized

Madonna or Britney? - Kylie Minogue.

Tidy or Messy? - Tidy

Mac or PC? - PC, but I want to switch to MAC

Coffee or Tea? - Coffee

Sweet or Savory? - Sweet

NY times or National Enquirer? - National Enquirer

And I'm afraid sparkle cant resist

Boxers or Briefs?! - Both

Single or Taken? - Single for now…….

I think we just saw Sparkle race out of the door shouting something about Andrew and destiny!!

Thank you so much to the fabulous - and very sexy! - Andrew Christian for taking the time to talk to us! Make sure you check out Brief Invasion on Friday 26th between 6pm & 8pm and the fashion show at Angles - it is sure to be one hot night!

Love and Sparkles

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How fabulous is this?

Are you ready?
Yes Sequin and Sparkle have just been in contact with underwear designer Andrew Christian and have secured an interview with the designer before the launch of his underwear collection at 'Brief Invasion'. We may have to leave Sparkle at home for this one!
(no you will not- sparkle!)

Keep checking back for our celebrity interview coming soon!


We got a message from the very nice 'Shutterbug Photography' today and we now have details for them - so if you need new pictures stop by and check them out.

We don't know the owner - Miki - but we are very impressed with the photos on her myspace - check her out.

Sad News

We recieved this message from Floyd Martin today...

" Longtime OKC drag fan Jeff Walk passed away Monday evening at the age of 41. Jeff has been a fan and a patron of drag since the days of Sasha Loren and Brooke Carrington, and judged several pageants in the past. He formerly was the owner of Walk This Way, a gift and antique store on the 39th street strip. I will let you know when I know of services. "

Our condolences to Jeff's friends and family - we will post details of services as we get them

A Special Guest

Some very exciting news just came to our attention. A special guest will be appearing at the Wreckroom - Kandy​ Cayne​,​ Miss Gay Missi​ssipp​i USofA​ from Dalla​s,​TX. I have never seen Kandy Cayne perform but she looks great and I for one will be there. I haven't been to the Wreckroom too often but I hear that show host Jak'kay Monroe is really trying to boost the profile of the after hours bar on the strip. So make sure you go and support the girls at the Wreckroom. I have also heard that they will be holding a benefit at the Wreckroom on the 1st Friday of October. Im not sure who the benefit is for but as soon as we get more info we will let you all know,

Love and Sparkles

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brief Encounter

with Andrew Christian - from Brief Invasions Myspace

"......Andre​w Chris​tian Welco​me Party​,​ Septe​mber 26th,​ 6-​8pm

Come meet Andre​w Chris​tian in perso​n Frida​y night​!​!​!​ Cockt​ails,​ Free Gifts​.​.​.​and more.​...."

at Brief Invasion on the strip

We can't wait - Andrew Christian makes the flashback brief which promises to give you an instant bubble butt!! Can Sparkle get 2 please - talk about saggy!!!!

See you there on the 26th!!

It may not be drag....

but it's for a very good cause

New - let us have it!

Your flyers that is - we have collected some show flyers as you can see and will be posting them all on the blog - we still need flyers for Girls gone Wild, Wigged out, The Alison Scott Show and any other shows you know about - so let us have them and we will let everyone know what you are doing!


We did it - a little more organized - hope you like the new look!

Sorry to anyone who had problems getting to the blog earlier today - we tried to do a revamp but neither one of us are very good with technology. If anyone out there knows how we can change to a 3 column template without losing our polls please send us a message!!! We thought we just had to look pretty!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


So sequin & sparkle are trying to get together a list of shows so you all know what is happening - where it is happening - when it is happening. If we miss any just let us know and we will add them!

Undie Mondays @ The Park hosted by Shantel Mandalay

Kittys Comedy Show @ the Boom - Kitty Bob, Roxie Hart, Stephanie DeBarge, Norma Jean
Girls Gone Wild @ The Copa - Carissa Corday, Jozlyn Welch, Shantel Mandalay, Raven Del Ray

Open Mic Night @ the Copa -Shemoane Somore

Jak'kay Monroe @ The Wreckroom
1st Friday of the month - Sonaj Martinez @ Partners
Shantel Mandalay @ Phoenix Rising

The G-spot @ the Boom - Ginger Lamar
Jak'kay Monroe @ The Wreckroom

The Toni Sinclaair Show @ Tramps
Wigged out @ the Copa - Rachel Eriks

Do you know more - let us know - leave a comment! See you around town!

Love and Sparkles

Friday, September 19, 2008


Here Comes Another!

Another Prelim to Oklahoma USofA - who is going to join the 6 ladies already qualified?

Ask away

We have a poll over to the right asking who you would like to see interviewed before nationals. Well now we want to give you the chance to ask the questions that you want answered. Whoever wins the poll will be interviewed with the questions that you leave. So click on the comments below and leave the questions that you want to know the answer to. Voting closing soon.

Love and Sparkles

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Butt Pirates!!

No not a new "adult" movie but the latest in the line up of Twisted Theatre - the brainchild of Tulsa performer and Miss Oklahoma Continental Elite Emeritus - Tabitha Taylor.
If you are in the Tulsa area make sure you stop by New Age Renegades and check this out.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you want to know?

We have a poll over to the left asking who you would like to see interviewed before nationals. Well now we want to give you the chance to ask the questions that you want answered. Whoever wins the poll will be interviewed with the questions that you leave. So click on the comments below and leave the questions that you want to know the answer to. Voting closing soon.

Love and Sparkles

Monday, September 15, 2008

Just in from Miss Oklahoma National Queen

it is with deepe​st regre​t that i am writi​ng this.​.​.​

Due to the lack of entri​es for this pagea​nt,​ we will be postp​oning​ it until​ furth​er notic​e.​ i will not hold a pagea​nt where​ there​ are no conte​stant​s.​.​.​ if you, or your sched​ule have been incon​venie​nced in any way.​.​.​ pleas​e accep​t my since​re apolo​gies.​.​.​

thank​s so much for your suppo​rt.​.​.​.​

sabri​na k. marsh​all
miss natio​nal queen​ pagea​ntry

Introducing Londenn D Raine...

Last night was the search for the new Miss Capitol City USofA, giving up her title was a stunning Raven DelRay - but the lady of the hour is the new Miss Capitol City - LONDENN D RAINE. Londenn is a performer that we here at Sequin and Sparkle have admired for a long time. We couldn't be happier that in the aftermath of the pageant Londenn took a few minutes to answer some questions for us and for you.
Here is what she had to say.......

S&S - Hi Londenn - Most of our readers already know who you are, but for those who don't why not start by telling them a little about yourself.

LDR - Well I'm a 27 years old Aquarius that is former army brat...I got all my formal education here in Oklahoma which is also where I started my female impersonation career 8 years ago..I work for Starbucks coffee for the past five years now and I love what I do..

S&S - How did it feel to win another title? How many have you won now?

LDR - It felt wonderful to win another title..I have been in 24 pageants in the last 8 years and I have had the opportunity to represent 6 titles...

S&S - how did this pageant differ to others you have done?

LDR - This is the biggest local prelim I have ever won..I was also completely prepared this time around...

S&S - How will you be preparing for state - and when is it?

LDR - I won a local prelim to state prelim which is in January the 9th and 10th...I have plans for state already been planning and saving money since may after I went to Miss Gay Usofa...

S&S - How did you get involved in female illusion?

LDR - Raven Delray and I went to high school together and she painted me one day after high school and I did my first show at the hi-lo doing the boy is mine with raven and I have been stuck loving this art ever since...

S&S - Who are your drag idols?

LDR - I have many people I look up to...I simply love the class of Tommie Ross..The beauty of Maya Douglas...the entertainment of Whitney Paige and Kelexis Davenport.. and the style of Victoria Lepaige...

S&S - What would you do if you didn't do drag?

LDR - If I didn't do drag I would probably be working at Starbucks still and be spending my time pushing others to do the things that they love...

S&S - What is next for Londenn D Raine?

LDR - Well I will be preparing to become the next Miss Oklahoma Usofa in January...This season the eyes are on the prize...

S&S - Tell us something people will find surprising about you?

LDR - People would be surprised that I enjoy working with children with autism..been volunteering for the past 5 years

S&S - Where can we see you perform?

LDR - you can catch me hanging with the girls on Thursday nights at the Copa nightclub as well as the 3rd Sunday with Racheal Erikks at the Copa as well..also every fourth Friday in Tulsa at Renegades for Everybody's Girl with Samantha West...starting next month the second Saturday of every month you can see me at the Wreckroom with the cast...Also I try to pop into new venues as much as possible so if you know of where I can work let me know - need big money to become the next Miss Oklahoma USofA..

And we think Londen is well on her way to achieving that goal - her talent from Capitol City was a beautiful rendition of 'This is my life' which had Londenn unveiling various pictures from different stages in her life.
Thank you Londenn for taking the time to chat with us - make sure you see Londenn out and about - this is one queen you don't want to miss seeing.

Love and Sparkles

Sunday, September 14, 2008

This Just in...

Congratulations to the new Miss Capitol City LONDENN D RAINE and first alt CARISSA CORDAY

Pageant details will be up soon

The contestant line-up for Capitol City

Erika​ Monta​na
Kaysi​ P. Rayne​
Anita​ Ryder​
Rilee​ Moore​
Londe​nn Raine​
Clair​e Voyan​ce
Caris​sa Corda​y

Good luck ladies!

We will keep you posted.

Remember the pageant begins at 10pm - Phoenix Rising - and there is no cover.

Evening gown has just started - Miss Raven looks sickening tonight. More updates as I get them...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Miss Gay America

Here is a list of the qualified contestants so far - I think there are only 8 more spots available. We have 3 Oklahoma girls running - rumor has it that there may be 2 more - we shall let you know! We have also heard rumor of a top ten finalist from last year that everyone thought would not be back is almost certainly back. Can you guess who?

*** edit
Well we told you someone from last year would be back - Coti Collins is the new Miss mId - east , and her 1st alt is Alyssa Edwards. That finishes the line up for MGA, Good luck to our 3 Oklahoma girls!

Miss Gay Arizona America
Sache' Van Cartier Miss Gay Arizona America 2008
Dottie Miss Gay Arizona America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Arkansas America
Stephanie Richards Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008
Zia D'Yor Miss Gay Arkansas America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay D.C. America
Victoria DePaula Miss Gay D C America 2008
Jessica Jade Miss Gay D C America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Delaware America
Karyn Thomas Miss Gay Delaware America 2008
Sierra Spaulding Miss Gay Delaware America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay East Coast America
Chantel Reshae Miss Gay East Coast America 2008
Kristina Kelly Miss Gay East Coast America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Florida America
Crystle Chambers Miss Gay Florida America 2008
Alexis Mateo Miss Gay Florida America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Heartland America
Maya Alexander Miss Gay Heartland America 2008
Lady Jade Rockell Miss Gay Heartland America 2008-alternate

Miss Heart of America
Jade Sinclair Miss Heart of America 2008
Coco Montrese Miss Heart of America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Keystone America
Tiffany Deveraux Miss Keystone 2008
Victoria Barrera Jaymes Miss Keystone 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Louisiana America
Anastacia Davenport Miss Gay Louisiana America 2008
Brittney O'Bryan Miss Gay Louisiana America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Maryland America
Tatiyanna Voche' Miss Gay Maryland America 2008
Sue Nami Miss Gay Maryland America 2008-alternate

Miss Mid America
Sasha Nicole Miss Mid America 2008
Sasha Leigh Chambers Miss Mid America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Mid Atlantic America
Miss D. Meaner Miss Gay Mid Atlantic America 2008
Sierra Leone Miss Gay Mid Atlantic America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Mid East America
Coti Collins Miss Gay Mid East America 2008
Alyssa Edwards Miss Gay Mid East America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Mid West America
Alana Steele Miss Gay Mid West America 2008
Melody Michaels Miss Gay Mid West America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Missouri America
Sparkle Iman Miss Gay Missouri America 2008
Tabbi Kat Miss Gay Missouri America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay North Carolina America
Victoria Parker Miss Gay North Carolina America 2008
Shana Nicole Miss Gay North Carolina America 2008-altrnat

Miss Gay Ohio America
Hellin Bedd Miss Gay Ohio America 2008
Beverly Ford Miss Gay Ohio America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Oklahoma America
Adrienne Fischer Miss Gay Oklahoma America 2008
Shantel Mandalay Miss Gay Ohio America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Oregon America
Stephanie Lane Miss Gay Oregon America representative
Veronica Leigh Taylor Miss Gay Oregon America representative

Miss Gay Pennsylvania America
Vicky Dominatrix Miss Gay Pennsylvania America 2008
Domiana Dupre St James Miss Gay Pennsylvania America 2008-altrnte

Miss Gay Tennessee America
Ivy White Miss Gay Tennessee America 2008
Anita Cocktail Miss Gay Tennessee America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Texas America
Sally Sparkles Miss Gay Texas America 2008
????? Miss Gay Texas America 2008-alternate

Miss Gay Tri States America
Shawn Tyler Andrews Miss Gay Tri States America 2008
Deja Brooks Miss Gay Tri States America 2008-alternate

Miss Western States America
China Collins Miss Western States America 2008
Jessica Deveraux Miss Western States America 2008-alternate

Friday, September 12, 2008

Funny or not?

See more Gina Gershon videos at Funny or Die

Courtesy of

what do you think - let us know in the comments section!

Sonja at Partners

I am marking my calendar for this one. The first Friday in October is another Sonja show at Partners. I made it to the last one and had a really great time. The next show is my favorite MGO - Lindsay and her first alt from that year Melody Michaels. I love how well they get along and it will be great to have them in a show together. See you there, Sequin!

More Exciting news:
Congratulations to the ladies who have qualified for Oklahoma US ofA
Mya Mocha Iman is Miss Mid-Western Plains - 1st Alt - Monique Price
Nikki Lachapelle is Miss Sooner State - ist Alt - Amari St. Jamyz.
and the new Miss Capitol City will be this Sunday - we have heard of at least 6 girls entering so you won't wanna miss it!



Also coming up - THE A.S.S

We have asked the ASS to do an interview with us and hope that will be up soon but until then check out the ASS at the BOOM!

Miss Capitol City


Applications can be picked up at "Brief Invasion" on the OKC Strip. $40 early registration, $50 late registration.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let me know

Hi everyone
Sequin here,
my blog is pretty new so please make sure to comment the posts so I know you are reading them and enjoying it - and please let me know what you would like to see on the blog, it's for you!

love and sparkles,

Show at Partners - Friday

Well I have to admit it - I have never made it to a show a Partners in all this time - I know, shame on me. But I will definatley be going this Friday - September 5th. I would never miss up a chance to see Ginger Lamar. Joining Ginger and Sonja are Matthew Heath-Fitzgerald and Renee Anderson. It sound like it will be a great show.

The Camera Never Lies

...... and this camera can make you look fabulous. We were sent a flyer today for Shutterbug Photography. Check them out for your new head shots. Their myspace has some great pictures of female illusionists and they look great. Check out Adrianna, Londenn Raine and a lot more and book your next photo session with Shutterbug. Maybe she can make sparkle look a little less.........hmmmm! Check them out!

Miss Oklahoma National Queen

Miss Oklahoma National Queen - Emeritus, Brooke Kennedy

Just like airlines, there are many different pageant systems to choose from when you decide to enter the world of competition. One of the newer pageants is Miss Oklahoma National Queen, who contacted us today.
Here are a few details of their upcoming pageant with more to follow!! Lets make sure we support all of the systems that give our "girls" a place to compete!

From Sabrina K:

"....the event is Oct. 17th, at Club Majestic,,, entry fee is $100.00 before oct. 1st... from oct 1 - 10th $125. oo

open to all OKLAHOMA entertainers that fit the guidelines (no breasts) may have silicone enhancements in any place other than breast...

must be 21 by november 2009...

host hotel is Downtown Plaza Hotel Tulsa... "

We will keep you updated with news about this pageant as we get it!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miss Capitol City


Applications can be picked up at "Brief Invasion" on the OKC Strip. $40 early registration, $50 late registration.


It's what's underneath that counts!!


An exciting new venture has opened up on the strip - an underwear store called Brief Invasion! What does this have to do with drag you wonder - well it is the idea of Shantel Mandalay!
Its a great store also dealing in wigs, costumes and even haircuts!
Drop in and pick up a new pair of pants to surprise your loved one!!

And Shantel - we will gladly plug your store whenever you like, we take a medium!!